Evaluating Technical Writing Candidates: A Hiring Perspective

July 2017 Chapter Meeting

Writers may see the recruitment process solely from a single candidate’s perspective: their own. In order to create a positive impression, writers must speak to the needs of the people considering them. In this moderated panel discussion, candidates can learn what this process looks like from a manager’s role.

Our panelists will speak candidly about what they really need, why things are the way they are, and what the entire process looks like from their perspective: justifying the budget, creating a position, writing the job description, filtering and evaluating candidates, perhaps working with recruiters, interviews, offers, on-boarding, and outcomes.

JX Bell is a Senior API Technical Writer and CEO of JX Consulting INC. He’s written software virtually his entire life — since age 4 — and done consulting since 1999. JX is passionate about learning complex topics, understanding people, and communicating clearly. As a consultant, he’s evaluated many technical writing candidates, specializing in technical interviews for highly technical API/SDK technical writing positions. He’s also written job descriptions and interviewed writers about what made their colleagues succeed or fail after they’re on the job. Learn more about JX at www.JXconsulting.com.

Neeraj Bhatia is the Director of Technical Publications at Guidewire Software. He has been a Communications professional for 22 years. He worked in Advertising for four years before moving to technical writing. He has written and managed documentation for highly technical enterprise products at Veritas Software and Symantec Corporation. He has built and managed global teams at Symantec Corporation and is managing a distributed team at Guidewire Software. He lives in San Jose with his wife and 15-year-old daughter. bhatianeeraj@hotmail.com

Joanna Bujes is Director of Technical Publications at Arxan Technologies, SF. She has more than twenty-five years experience in software technical documentation and currently teaches Software Technical Writing at U. C. Berkeley Extension. She specialized in writing for a technical audience and on writer training and document architecture. Her work has focused on distributed computing, operating systems, messaging and middleware, development environments and tools, debuggers, networks protocols, programming language reference, and API documentation. She has also worked as developmental editor and writer with subject matter experts in medicine, economics, urban development, natural science, and philosophy of science.
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Ari Langer is Director of Documentation and User Assistance at Salesforce.

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