Teaching Through Illustration


In this talk, Joanna Bujes will talk about how to to create and use illustrations to reinforce learning, lighten complexity, illustrate multiple relationships, and make the material easier to remember. We will discuss types of illustrations, general principles for creating illustrations, and placing the figure in text. Additional topics include working with artists, localization, and accessibility.

A photo of Joanna BujesJoanna Bujes is Director of Technical Publications at Arxan Technologies, SF. She has more than 25 years’ experience in software technical documentation and currently teaches Software Technical Writing at UC Berkeley Extension. She specialized in writing for a technical audience and on writer training and document architecture. Her work has focused on distributed computing, operating systems, messaging and middleware, development environments and tools, debuggers, networks protocols, programming language reference, and API documentation. She has also worked as developmental editor and writer with subject matter experts in medicine, economics, urban development, natural science, and philosophy of science.


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